Qlik offers a solution for all types and abilities. A modern, self-service analysis that supports a wide range of users and use cases of all the most complex analytical challenges. All within a regulated multi-cloud architecture, scalability and trust for the business.
In this way the data competence in the enterprise is improved. Each user has the opportunity to build information, load and visualize data. Collaboration in the company is simplified and accelerated.

Complex problems can be solved more easily through data and analysis. The data is used optimally and the requirements for other users and applications are met. Without having to deal with governance, scalability or deployment flexibility.

Reasons for Qlik

With Qlik, all of your employees are able to turn data into insights that transform your business and build competitive advantage.


Do you want to fully exploit the potential of your data? Give all employees access to it. Other solutions do not care about data management, but Qlik will not leave you alone. The end-to-end strategy combines raw data from all business units and transforms it into analysis-ready information that everyone can evaluate.


What is more powerful than artificial intelligence? Artificial intelligence expanded by human intuition. This is Augmented Intelligence and Qlik uses it to improve the data literacy of all employees in your company. Thanks to the special associative indexing technology, which discovers all connections in your data, Qlik automatically draws the attention to the essentials and supports the users in the evaluation.


With Qlik, analysis options are available where the use of data brings advantages for your company. Whether you want to gather information from IoT and peripherals in your factories, improve sales forecasts, or bring more transparency to your operations, it pays to be optimally informed. Because only then can you initiate the transformations that will take your company to the top.


Link data instantly

With a variety of out-of-the-box connectors and open platform, you can quickly integrate data from multiple sources. Bring all your data together. Explore them with interactive selections and intelligent search, without limitations or limitations.


Process data visually

Search and analyze information using a variety of advanced analytics. Including intelligent visualizations, advanced analytics integration, geographic mapping, and machine-generated insights and suggestions. A proven level of integration and transformation allows you to combine different data sources. Data profiling features suggest links and automatically process different types of data such as date / time and geographic information.

Collaborate and reuse data

Drag-and-drop to easily merge data and create visualizations with proprietary data sources and / or controlled content, as well as suggestions and automation to speed the process.



Data-driven insights for everyone

With an open and extensible platform, you can integrate leading analysis capabilities into any context, securely and on a massive scale. It can deploy on a single server and scale vertically and horizontally. This allows you to meet all of your implementation requirements for availability and processing, both on premise and in the cloud.


Dialogue-oriented analysis and natural language

Communicate and share insights with rich, interactive data stories and distribute reports in Microsoft Office and pixel-accurate formats using data and analysis from Qlik Sense.

Machine learning and adaptation

If insights and suggestions are to become even more relevant and factors such as user behavior and feedback, community trends, industry know-how and more are used, the platform shows what it really is.



Adaptation requests and extensions adapt flexibly

Take advantage of the leading data analytics platform that lets you embed business intelligence anywhere. Easily combine any data source of any size, and create powerful analytics that seamlessly integrate with your users’ workflows – from simple widgets and web mashups to fully customized analytics applications.


Optimized for security, scalability and performance

Qlik’s central governance framework provides security, management and reusability features. Powerful in-memory analytics handle even huge datasets, adapting to your security model.

Insights into data for everyone

Analyze, create and work on any device online or offline along with the best possible user experience through intelligent responsive design and a modern touch interface.


Collaborate with HighCoordination


Our experts help you gain deeper insights with Qlik by connecting human intuition and machine intelligence during the analysis process.

Best Practice

Implement best practices for better business solutions for measurable performance improvements for your business.


For over 17 years we develop, guide and build solutions for our customers. With the help of an IBCS-compliant BI and CPM consulting, we improve and optimize your decision-making processes.

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Experts in their field!

All of our consultants are trained and certified by our technology partners and International Business Communication Standards (IBCS), ensuring consistency and understanding of your individual needs. We also use a results-based KPI framework to successfully define, develop and deliver an effective solution for your business.