We Empower Attendees

Full Potential

The full benefit from a software like Jedox is only gained by users who know all the functions of the software they are using. To enable our customers to realize the full potential of their Jedox solutions, HiCo will offer a wide range of practice-oriented training courses in future. After the training you can understand how to use Jedox to solve any problem.

Become An Expert

After just one day of training, even participants with no OLAP background can immediately analyze data and use Jedox’s functionality in your company productively. The trainings integrated, interactive, and dynamic teaching concept has already turned more than 3,000 users into experts. Benefit from the trainings yourself and unlock the full potential of Jedox’s software solutions!


specific target group

From the very first day of training, we empower attendees of all levels of experience to analyze data independently. With this concept we bring the benefits of Jedox immediately to your organization.

limited number of participants

In small groups the training transforms users into data experts with our integrated, interactive, and dynamic training approach.


The training concept is aligned, so that participants can choose the course intensity individually according to their level of knowledge.

Jedox Training


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Stefan Spielvogel
Lead Consultant Jedox & Jedox Certified Trainer, HighCoordination GmbH