Ensure business success with efficient budgeting, reliable plan values and real-time analyzes. With its CPM software, Jedox enables seamless planning and performance management across the enterprise, on any device, on any device, and on any data source. Optimized business processes, improved data quality and shortened planning cycles across the enterprise – regardless of industry, department or company size.

Jedox ensures that every employee has access to reliable data and transparent planning information. The CPM software supports all the reporting processes required: self-service budgeting, planning and forecasting combined with intuitive analytics and meaningful business intelligence dashboards. From Finance to Sales to Human Resources, users across all departments create enterprise-wide integrated plans and reports based on a single data model with consistent reporting structures and business logic.

What makes Jedox special?

An integrated solution for all planning, analysis and reporting tasks

  • More meaningful forecasts
  • More detailed modeling and what-if analyzes
  • Improved cross-departmental and cross-functional collaboration within the company
  • Faster insights for all stakeholders to tie operational planning to strategic goals
  • Faster, data-driven decision-making through access to summaries and detailed plan / actual data
  • Easier planning: time-saving and no time-consuming manual consolidation
  • Stronger risk management through greater transparency and verifiability of processes
  • A secure, trustworthy “single source of truth”, with transparent methods and procedures

Simply fast results with Excel proximity for business users

  • Work in the familiar Excel environment, web or mobile front-ends
  • Turns Excel spreadsheets into business-friendly solutions
  • Complementary fast in-memory database, secure access, workflows, easy integration of data sources
  • Build on your existing Excel knowledge
  • Save and increase your competitiveness
  • Eliminate the limitations and risks of spreadsheet-based processes

Innovative Cloud & On-Premise Architecture

  • Easy integration into almost any IT infrastructure and strategy
  • Can be used over time in changing environments
  • The same software works in the cloud and on-site
  • Interfaces to multiple data sources (on-prem, cloud, big data)
  • Interfaces to data-recognition tools (eg Qlik, Power-BI)

Jedox: A solution for all departments

Business users need direct access to their data

What was formerly the task of IT and the finance department is now part of the day-to-day business for all departments: ever-growing mountains of data must be processed, evaluated and processed into reports in ever shorter time.

Specialist users in sales, HR, purchasing or logistics today need direct, needs-based access to business data. In order to make the right decisions on the basis of valid data, you must be able to access critical information at any time – without going through the IT department.

Why plan with HighCoordination?


Assistance by our experts in designing, implementing and maintaining your planning and budgeting requirements for any function.

Best Practice

Implement best practices for better business solutions for measurable performance improvements for your business.


For over 17 years we develop, guide and build solutions for our customers. With the help of an IBCS-compliant BI and CPM consulting, we improve and optimize your decision-making processes.

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All of our consultants are trained and certified by our technology partners and International Business Communication Standards (IBCS), ensuring consistency and understanding of your individual needs. We also use a results-based KPI framework to successfully define, develop and deliver an effective solution for your business.