About HighCoordination

We are a owner-managed industry leading business intelligence consulting company with almost 2 decades of real world experience. We stand behind our commitments and specialize in creating innovative and interactive ways to analyze your businesses data. We work with all types of industries including automotive, pharmaceutical, industrial engineering, aerospace, manufacturing, IT and banking/financial services. We help you optimize your business processes and improve your entire value chain. Learn more about the HighCoordination difference.

Our Mission

We help to revolutionize industries and solve Optimization problems efficiently along the entirevalue chain supported by our best-in-classVisualizations, planning solutions and methods.

Our Vision

We are world market leaders in the field of IBCS-compliant BI and CPM consulting as well as software manufacturing.


How we are different.

At HighCoordination our experienced consultants are all trained using the same standards, industry standards and business best practices, which help to improve customer experience. We have been creating, guiding and building solutions for our clients for over 17 years, and we are sure that we can build an effective business intelligence solution for your business too. Our goal is to help businesses improve and optimize the decision making process, increasing productivity and performance through innovative and interactive data solutions.

Why HighCoordination?

Don’t just take our word for it. Read what real customers, like you, have to say about their experience working with the business intelligence experts at HighCoordination.