Best Practices Mean Better Business Solutions

At HighCoordination we implement industry leading best practices to help you discover where your business can be improved and how to determine your Key Performance Indicators so that you can make better business decisions. By utilizing these best practices we will help you to drive measurable performance improvements for your business, and here’s how.

Results-Oriented KPI Framework

We use a results-oriented KPI framework to successfully define, develop and deploy analytics solutions for our customers. This approach designed by Bernie Smith ensures we identify and use meaningful measures that work, create reports that support decision-making, and deploy the right solutions to help your organization achieve your goals.

International Business Communication Standards (IBCS®)

IBCS® is an International notation standard for the effective design of charts, graphs, reports, and other business communications. By leveraging IBCS® we can dramatically reduce report design time, significantly improve report comprehension and understanding, and help facilitate faster, better, more-informed decision-making across your organization. Our consultants and software are IBCS®-certified, and our company is one of only four IBCS®-certified providers worldwide.